On My Needles - Dekke shawl

In November I decided to work through my 6 WIPs before starting something new.  I whittled that down to 2 WIPs by the end of December and decided it is time for something new!  I'll be posting about the 2 WIPs I left on my needles later, but know I have a good reason for leaving them behind.

I started Talitha Kuomi's Dekke shawl a few days ago.  I used my own colors Ridin' The Storm Out (dark grey) and Electric Boogaloo, both in my 100% wool Squish Sock yarn.  I'm loving this pattern so far!  It's fun to knit, and as a bonus I got to cast on all of the stitches for the shawl at the beginning.  Confession - I love starting shawls this way!  The most stitches I'll need are on the needle and my expectations of how long it will take to finish a row are clear from the beginning.

In shop news, I've been working on several new colors and I'm very excited to share them with everyone.  I'm hoping to have a few released in a shop update next week.  The rest will be released next month.  I'm also inching my way toward regular shop updates, which is very exciting to me.  I'll be doing a shop update on Friday, which will include a few out of stock colors, including the above Ridin' the Storm Out.  Stay tuned to Instagram for that update.

In personal news, I recently left my job as an accountant in the natural foods world to pursue a life of fiber arts full time.  This also falls in line with some big plans the husband and I have in 2017, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with everybody.  This news isn't public to everybody in our life yet, so it must wait.  Hint, it's not a baby.