Heading East

Checking out Haus of Yarn in Nashville

Checking out Haus of Yarn in Nashville


In personal news: I've teased some big news sporadically since January, and I'm excited to finally be able to announce that we are moving to Nashville! Jonathan and I decided many (many) months ago to make this move, and we're finally in the home stretch of it happening. I've been looking for our new home and poking around the local yarn shops for the past few days and I'm getting more excited about the transition. I'm especially excited for the road trip. I think I planned a good one, and I'm thrilled to finally see the Grand Canyon.

In shop news: I'll have at least one large, or two small, updates before we move. I'm also in the process of transitioning from Etsy to my own site, and will hopefully reopen my shop here after the move. I might be biting off more than I can chew with that goal but I'm OK with that. I'll be honest, computer stuff is my least favorite part of my job. I started my blog thinking I could do it at least once a week but my last update was over a month ago! I'd rather be knitting... I'm sure y'all can relate to that.

In project news: I finished my monster neat ripple afghan at the end of January. I used 6,109 yards of yarn and took 7 months to finish. I missed the deadline on a test knit for the first time ever (due to circumstances out of my control) and I am finally on track to finish that in the next two weeks. February was a slow knitting month for me, but I'm looking forward to a long road trip to help me finish up some projects.

Rip it, Rip it.


In project news - this cardigan.  It's the Twiggy Cardigan by Jane Richmond.  I finished this in Feb 2015 and I never wore it.  I wanted to love this cardigan, but it was not a good match of yarn and pattern.  I'm not sure if the buttons were too heavy (it hung low in the front) or if the lofty single ply nature of ASAP wasn't a fit for this pattern (a plied yarn would definitely be better) but it just wasn't a match made in knitter's heaven.  So I ripped it out.  I swatched again and I love the fabric I'm getting  on size 11 needles, instead of the size 15 needles I originally used.  The fabric on size 11 is slightly more dense and doesn't sag.  I'm also thinking a pullover will work out much better than a cardigan.  I'm not sure why I want this yarn to be a sweater so bad.  I live in  Oakland, CA and our weather typically doesn't call for bulky sweaters.  Perhaps I'm so comforted by the idea of wrapping myself in a soft single ply pullover 2 nights of the year.

In shop news - I'll be updating my shop this Friday (January 13) at 10 am PST.  I've got a few restocks, a few OOAK colors and 3 new colors!  I'm thrilled with how my new colors turned out.  They all came to me while I was driving to and from San Diego at the end of December and I couldn't wait to get them out of my head and on to some yarn.  I hope you all love them as much as I do!

In personal news - I'm still not ready to share my big news.  Hopefully soon.  Until then, here's something else... I'm working on a duo trapeze act with my fellow circus nerd.  I have never done a performance like this before.  I came up with some sequencing over the weekend and we tried it out yesterday.  We made it work on the first try, although it is far from perfect.  There's a lot of communication (verbal and nonverbal) that needs to happen with something like this.  I'm hoping we'll be able to perform this piece in March.


On My Needles - Dekke shawl

In November I decided to work through my 6 WIPs before starting something new.  I whittled that down to 2 WIPs by the end of December and decided it is time for something new!  I'll be posting about the 2 WIPs I left on my needles later, but know I have a good reason for leaving them behind.

I started Talitha Kuomi's Dekke shawl a few days ago.  I used my own colors Ridin' The Storm Out (dark grey) and Electric Boogaloo, both in my 100% wool Squish Sock yarn.  I'm loving this pattern so far!  It's fun to knit, and as a bonus I got to cast on all of the stitches for the shawl at the beginning.  Confession - I love starting shawls this way!  The most stitches I'll need are on the needle and my expectations of how long it will take to finish a row are clear from the beginning.

In shop news, I've been working on several new colors and I'm very excited to share them with everyone.  I'm hoping to have a few released in a shop update next week.  The rest will be released next month.  I'm also inching my way toward regular shop updates, which is very exciting to me.  I'll be doing a shop update on Friday, which will include a few out of stock colors, including the above Ridin' the Storm Out.  Stay tuned to Instagram for that update.

In personal news, I recently left my job as an accountant in the natural foods world to pursue a life of fiber arts full time.  This also falls in line with some big plans the husband and I have in 2017, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with everybody.  This news isn't public to everybody in our life yet, so it must wait.  Hint, it's not a baby.